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At Ultra Bath, we take pride in offering unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the bathtub industry.  It is our goal to give our customers personal customer service while providing the lowest prices for the highest quality bath products.  Offering 33 years of experience, as well as an extensive construction and remodeling background, we specialize in customizing your entire order from start to finish.  From remodels, to custom homes, to everything in between, Ultra Bath has the bath products you need, along with the quality, selection, and helpful product knowledge that you will appreciate. 

Acrylic Bathtubs, Whirlpool Baths and Shower Pans (Scroll down to view the Ultra Bath acrylic bathtub brochure)
Ultra Bath offers a wide selection of acrylic bathtub models in various styles, shapes, sizes and colors, so finding the perfect product to suit your needs is easy.  Our line of drop-in acrylic bathtubs, whirlpool baths, and shower pans are proudly made in the USA of durable, high quality acrylic, have many options available, and come with a lifetime warranty.  Ultra Bath's drop-in acrylic tub thickness is almost twice as thick as tubs from other manufacturers, assuring lasting durability and quality.  All of our whirlpool bathtubs are completely customized to your specific hydrotherapy needs.  Our whirlpool bathtub systems are also sanitary with complete draindown systems, leaving no accumulated water in the tubing.  Our durable acrylic shower pans come in square, rectangle, and neo-angle sizes to fit most shower applications.

Additional Bathtub Styles and Sinks
Ultra Bath also has Pedestal Tubs, Free Standing Tubs, Claw Foot Tubs, Resin Tubs and Copper Tubs available, as well as bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks. Please contact us for more information on these products.

Walk-in Bathtubs (Scroll down to view the Walk-in Bath brochure)
Walk-in tubs can serve many practical purposes.  They are a necessity for many people who can no longer safely climb in and out of a standard bathtub, but who still want the many health and therapy benefits of taking a bath.  Our walk-in tubs are also an excellent option for sports therapy.  Walk-in bathtubs are also important for "aging in place" and being able to stay in your home for a longer period of time.  Ultra Bath understands these needs and offers walk-in tubs that are not only aesthetically pleasing and ADA compliant, but also high quality at a substantially lower price than the nationally advertised walk-in tubs seen on TV. A lifetime guaranteed no leak door lock and sealing system offer a watertight seal and our low threshold across the entryway allows for easy and safe access. Our walk in tubs are available as soaking tubs, or with air and/or water jet systems, and can be custom jetted to address your specific hydrotherapy needs.  Our walk-in tub prices start at just $2,995!  That's at least half the price of most nationally advertised walk-in tubs. Plus no high pressure sales tactics.

Shower Doors and Shower Glass Enclosures
Ultra Bath provides glass shower doors and shower enclosures, offering a wide selection of models, finishes and glass options. Sliding door tub and shower enclosures and swing door enclosures, both framed and frameless, are available to match any style and budget. Glass options include clear glass, patterned glass, heavy duty glass, cast glass, and custom glass designs. All enclosures are engineered to the highest possible standards for maximum reliability and carry a lifetime guarantee against defects in craftsmanship and materials on extruded parts.

Faucet Fixtures (Scroll down to view the Wolverine Brass brochure)
Ultra Bath offers a beautiful and durable, yet very affordable, line of high quality Wolverine Brass brand bathroom faucet fixtures in popular styles and finishes to put the finishing touch on your bathroom design. Wolverine Brass faucets feature a solid brass construction with brass connectors and ceramic disc valving with 100 year drip-free warranty.  These professional grade faucets are also low lead compliant, ADA compliant, and come with a 1.5 gpm water saving aerator.  We also offer kitchen faucets as well.

Steam Generator Units & Saunas
Relax and renew with steam units and saunas from Ultra Bath. Whether you prefer the "wet heat" of a steam shower or the "dry heat" of a sauna, both provide benefits for your physical as well as mental well-being. Steambath options also include aromatherapy, chromatherapy (color & light), and Bluetooth sound systems.

Finale Ultimate Toilet - "The Last Toilet You'll Ever Need"
Ultra Bath offers the Wolverine Brass Finale Ultimate Toilet with Hyperflush Technology, hush valve, and low water consumption.  The toilet comes with a round or elongated bowl, slow-close seat, and is ADA compliant.  It also boasts a 100 year warranty on the chinaware and a 5 year warranty on the mechanical parts.  It rivals top-named toilets in quality but at a much lower price. 
Most toilets of this quality list for at least $400.  Our price is only $279 including slow-close seat.

Custom Jetting Services
All of our whirlpool bathtubs are custom hand-jetted with master craftsmanship and are fully water tested before delivery. Whirlpool systems can be completely customized to address your specific individual hydrotherapy needs. Our whirlpool systems are also manufactured with sanitary tubing that completely drains down, leaving no standing water in the tubing. We also offer airpool systems and combination water jet/air jet systems.  Ultra Bath can custom jet any make or model of bathtub.

Click below to watch video clips of examples of some of our custom jetting systems.  Scroll down to view product brochures.

Product Brochures

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